Place Based Conversation Circles

Personal growth. Connection. Our peer-facilitated men’s circles help men learn & support one another towards healthier lives, families, and communities.

What's Happening on the Ground?

Men from migrant and refugee backgrounds have often witnessed, or experienced,
physical or sexual violence, including war and torture, which can result in depression,
anxiety and post-traumatic stress.

The Open Exchange

Led by those with lived experience of psycho-social challenges, and working closely with diaspora communities and their organisations.

The Open Exchange seeks to build mental health literacy among its participants, through a multi-faceted community engagement approach that centers around helping people find job opportunities and build their professional (career) confidence

What can we do About It?

1 – Development of place-based assets
that are safe and accessible, and
encourage help seeking self-led
behaviour change

2 – Access to counselling services
where community leaders with
mental health first aid training
support individuals to navigate
the mental health service system

3 – Creation of online resources
including podcasts, that can be
easily shared across different
generations of a given community.

The Place Based Circles

To bring migrants/refugees, emerging leaders, and mentors together in a safe space, where they can deep dive into different topics and apply the learnings to their own life circumstances.

Format: a practical hands-on interactive conversation circle in an accessible community venue with light refreshments and snacks to create a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

Audience: Migrant and refugee community members over the age of 18. *There will be a separate women’s circle available in Geelong and Glenroy.

Timing: monthly on weekday evenings and some weekends.

Venue: Glenroy, Geelong, Epping, Point Cook, Sunshine and Clayton.

Who is our target audience?

people from migrant, refugee and other under-represented communities who are looking for social connection, advice to get through employment barriers, or social

international students suffering from social isolation.
newly arrived refugees/migrants seeking to break through barriers to find meaningful work as they resettle in their new homes and make new connections.